About the show


Taking true personal accounts, gifted music and medical information, Schism of the Mind, sensitively explores the mental condition, Schizophrenia, and aims to highlight the humanity behind the illness.

Schism of the Mind successfully merges fact and fiction for a sensitive but impactful 60 minute production, with elements of surrealism and verbatim text.

Cast and Crew

Writer and Director: Carley Dawson

Original Cast: Stevie Williams, Poppy Lowles, Joey David and Pascalina Ofori..

Technician: Joseph Fretwell

Special thanks to Groundlings Theatre, Med3 music and Andrew Hay


''It was nice to have my feelings said out loud by someone else, as I have never been able to say them... It's nice to know people will understand how I feel. Thank you.'' - Hannah Kathleen Browning

''This thought provoking piece, that includes recordings of people who have truly suffered is a must for anyone who has experienced mental health issues, and a learning tool for anyone who wants to understand more about the subject.'' - Andrew Hay, reporter at Community Matters Radio Station

Trailer of Schism of the Mind

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