PONToon 2018

Aspex Gallery

Working with woman outside the work environment and going through their own complex challenges in recovery, Stand Tall delivered a programme designed to empower through digital arts skills and promote self confidence. 

Stand Tall Thetare

Culminating in a talk and celebration of  work developed throughout the programme, we took notice of blogging as art, creative writing and projection mapping. With our key of accessibility everyone should  be able to do this at home without spending a pound.

Polly Burton PhD / Society of St James

With support through reflection and promotion we adapted the changes needed to meet the demands of the project, and constantly evolved our practise to meet the needs of the participants. with the help of Polly Burton and Society of St James.

Tiffany's Blog

With Tiffany, being a mother comes first. Using the project as an opportunity to support others through the stories of her life, Tiffany created a new LIVE blog and further connected with PUSHStart to support others through recovery.  Feel free to follow her journey via the blog below.

Blogging as Art

Working within the framework of the project we developed a video that captures the 8 week journey.