Five Films Two Projects


Five Films with PARCS over two years 2018-2019

Creating work, that makes a difference! Working with Rachel Madocks SEN specialist school to curate films focused on disability and five key areas of investigations. E-safety, Boundaries, Healthy Relationships and Consent for young people who suffer from various disabilities.   


Working with local communities and companies to create authentic voices to the work

Each film took place in many different location taking into account the needs of our performers and supporters.


Paired with workshops by PARCS exploring disabilities and consent

The incredible work of PARCS in create responsive workshops tailor made around each film to give deeper understand of the subject matter.


Documenting the Moments

Alongside the films that were funded with support from Awards for All to PARCS, we created a documentary detailing the process, the challenges and the nueces associated with attempting to create this work. With Joe Fretwell our resident performer, and tech wizard, as our lead story, himself suffering from cerebral palsy and overcoming his challenges to allowing other to follow a journey with him in each film. To PhD student and poet Kay Channon, lending her poetry to the project which voices her experiences of her own disabilities. We were able to make each film authentic and approachable. With support from the students at Rachel  Maddocks lending their stories their lived experience and their talent within the films. We were able to make something very unique and special. 

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To see our documentary on the project keep tuned to our YouTube Channel