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Stevie Williams - Co-founder

Acting | Theatre Making | Dancing

BA Hons in Performing Arts (Theatre)

Ongoing MA in Performance (Theatre Collectives)

Stevie Williams co-founded Stand Tall Theatre in 2015, and is lead coach of specialist Confidence through Drama workshops. Stevie is highlighted best as driven and energetic, and now runs various drama workshop programmes within the company.

Stevie's acting and dance ability has seen him tour internationally amd locally, including Greece, Leicester Square in London and soon to be St Helena. Stevie's experience in Theatre Making has enabled the creation of touring production and programme, Lost Shoe (2018).

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Carley Dawson - Co-founder

Acting | Theatre Making | Directing | Classical Singing

BA Hons in Performing Arts (Theatre)

Ongoing MA in Performance (Theatre Collectives)

Carley Dawson co-founded Stand Tall Theatre and is lead director of performance projects. Carley is highlighted best as determined and approachable, who's theatre work has been shown at Leicester Square in London, and acting career has been taken internationally.

Carley has sung with some of the top professionals in the field of Opera, and often incorporates strong music elements into each performance of Stand Tall. With a strong background in drama practise, Carley coaches regular specialist workshops for children and young adults.

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Poppy Lowles

 Acting | Mezzo-Soprano

Completed course at National Youth Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company

Poppy Lowles joined the company in 2016 for Schism of the Mind and has since toured this production with Stand Tall Theatre. Within this production, Poppy's mezzo-soprano voice was showcased in a 1940's style. Poppy now takes a lead role in  Stand Tall Theatre's touring TIE performance, Lost Shoe (2018).

Poppy's love of acting has been shown through her role as Faith in Kindertransport, and performance roots in Shakespeare. With an organised and focused approach, Poppy also helps manage various aspects of Stand Tall Theatre outside of acting roles. 


Joseph Fretwell

Sound | Editing

Joseph is sound technician for Stand Tall Theatre, and often assists as performance technician for Groundlings Theatre in Portsmouth.

Joseph has worked with Stand Tall since it's beginning in 2015, working on projects with Theatre in Education and full length touring productions.

Acting for Stand Tall productions

Stand Tall Theatre employ freelance actors for various projects, and are always looking for new people with passion in theatre and community well-being. If you would like the opportunity to take part in our performances or projects please feel free to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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