Lost Shoe

About the show

A full length production designed for secondary schools, looking at the shadowy tribulations of Anxiety, exploring the cause and effect of the illness for both young adults and children. Using interactive elements  the students determine the ending and whether there's lots of music or very little. They even choose where the actors are. Join the cast on this rehearsal through anxiety. 

Fictional characters, Alex, Ali, and Al find themselves in a house... a room... an ephemeral space, and must simply learn to leave, if only it was that simple?  Lost Shoe was written and created by Masters students of Theatre, Carley Dawson and Stevie Williams, whose mission is to create new performance that generates conversation about mental health and well being. 

A fantastical and surreal performance using exciting theatre techniques and stylised acting, that raises the profile for generalised anxiety in our younger generations.

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Cast and Crew

Writers: Carley Dawson and Stevie Wiliiams

Cast: Poppy Lowles, Stevie Williams and Carley Dawson

About the workshop - 'Let's investigate anxiety'

 Lost Shoe workshop can be an add on to the performance or a stand alone event. The workshop is 40 minutes in length and is fully participatory, going through some of the key areas around anxiety. Students are given the opportunity to explore and understand what anxiety is through dramatic practice and creates a sense that there is a communal experience of feeling anxious. Students interact in multiple ways including drama activities, gifted diaries to keep and write into, and the creation of their own artistic methods. Inspiration for these workshops stems from Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot and performance workshop techniques of The University of Chichester. 

Workshop on Anxiety performed at Boundary Oak school.

Project Research downloads

Mission Statment - Stevie Williams (pdf)


Mission Statement - Carley Dawson (pdf)


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