About the performance

A shadow play contemporary performance that highlights generalised anxieties that our younger generations are currently facing. As a company we raise awareness to mental health through performance, therefore we set about researching and developing a performance that 11-16 years old would engage with - this resulted in an interactive performance whereby the audience decided what happens.  In 1844 Søren Kierkegaard stated 'The dizziness of choice' and there is only more of that today!

A fantastical and surreal performance using exciting theatre techniques and stylised acting, that raises the profile for anxiety disorders.

Lost Shoe was written and created by Stand Tall founders Carley Dawson and Stevie Williams, whose mission is to create new performance that generates conversation about mental health and well being. 

Cast and Crew

Writers: Carley Dawson and Stevie Wiliiams

Cast: Poppy Lowles, Stevie Williams and Carley Dawson

Lost Shoe at your venue

Performance Trailer

Filmed at Bay House School

Project Research downloads

Mission Statment - Stevie Williams (pdf)


Mission Statement - Carley Dawson (pdf)