Investigate workshops allow participants to explore specific mental health disorders through an artistic lens. Investigate highlights the truths and myths surrounding certain disorders and promotes positive mental health - suitable from ages 11 +. Workshops include resourceful information and education packs. Please scroll through the page to find our variety of Investigate workshops.

For a wider audience reach, our bite-sized versions of this content is accessible via YouTube with our 'What is it?' series and 'Myths and Monsters' series.

'Let's investigate anxiety'

Investigate workshops are 40 minutes in length and are fully participatory, going through some of the key areas around anxiety. Students are given the opportunity to explore and understand what anxiety is through dramatic practice and creates a sense that there is a communal experience of feeling anxious. Students interact in multiple ways including drama activities, gifted diaries to keep and write into, and the creation of their own artistic methods. Inspiration for these workshops stems from Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot and performance workshop techniques of The University of Chichester. 

Workshop on Anxiety performed at Boundary Oak school.

'Let's investigate confidence'

Investigate workshops are 40 minutes in length and are fully participatory. Our Confidence strand is for our younger audiences, exploring what it means to have high or low confidence, to have positive and negative thoughts. Students are given the opportunity to create their own stories using a pre-set pack.


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