Performance and Workshop

What is Book Eating about?

With verbatim text and wonderful words from children in our local communities, we ask the question 'how does story benefit our younger generations?'. Story telling is inheritently linked to performance, whether it's fact or fiction, political or cultural. We use the arts as a method of expression, education and well being. In Book Eating Stand Tall Theatre promote just how important story telling and literature is, from Shakespeare to Lewis Carroll, David Walliams to Edgar Allen Poe. We explore imagination, education, confidence building and creative writing, all in the space of two hours!

In the latter half of this family friendly project, children can to start create their own stories, which our actors will then bring to life in front of their eyes! Talk about improvisation? Adults can also enjoy this event, hearing loved stories and learning their importance in today's society.

Maybe we will meet our next young playwright, author or budding performer?