Beat the Drum

Performance information

Touring to St Helena, a beautiful island surrounded by the South Atlantic ocean, Stand Tall Theatre present Beat the Drum. Beat the Drum is a communicative and musically led performance that combines memory and history. Following a traditional love story, audiences are taken on an emotional journey of four characters taking on different memories of the island. A production of celebration, heritage, and hope.

The creation of Beat the Drum was inspired by Stand Tall Theatre's Co-Founder's heritage. Stevie William's grandfather was from St Helena, therefore Stevie grew up with stories of how his grandfather was shipped to England to fight in WWII. This inspired a love of history for the island, which passed to his fiance and co-founder, Carley Dawson. Together they created Beat the Drum as a celebration, but also a tale of love and decision making.

Beat the Drum will be performed in St Helena between 6th April and 20th April 2019, with various locations providing as a venue. Lots of photos and videos will be taken for those who wont get to see this production! There may even be a Stand Tall Documentary...

Creative cast

Writer and director: Stevie Williams and Carley Dawson

Producer: Stand Tall Theatre

Performers: Stevie Williams, Carley Dawson, Poppy Lowles and Molly Butler