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Lost Shoe

Book Eating for Kids

Schism of the Mind


Exploring what having anxiety disorder actually means. Suitable for ages 12+

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Schism of the Mind

Book Eating for Kids

Schism of the Mind


Questioning the negative stigma that surrounds schizophrenia. Suitable for ages 16+

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Book Eating for Kids

Book Eating for Kids

Book Eating for Kids


An exploration of confidence and positive well-being through the use of poetry and literature! Suitable for ages 5 - 11.
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Happy - in development


Our new umbrella project, Happy, explores depression for varying ages with three separate performance pieces. Reaching multiple audiences, Happy uses art installation, family friendly performance, and contemporary theatre, to bridge our gap to depression disorders. We use real accounts and experiences of living with depression.


Messages to be Happy

An installation based on the tree of ash, Yggdrasil blending the concepts of gift theatre with empowering messages. A piece of visual and interactive art.  Loosly based on Kind Words  (



A 20 minute performance designed to be placed in unusual spaces. Using music composed by Ricardo Emrig, and vocals by Carley Williams, Dream combines physical theatre and poetry under the theme of fairy lore and the concept of our dream states. A family friendly performance looking at depression in a sensitive and imaginative way.


Watchers of the Divine

An hour-long performance tackling suicide and depression. using music and immersive theatre where the audience is invited to dine at our table, taking part in a ritual to lay bare the demons that infect our minds. A true look at how depression can affect us and how to better understand it's impact. Designed for university students and higher education.